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Piiloset BioTwin solution for all contact lenses 360ml - rinsing and moisturising of all types of contact lenses

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Multipurpose care solution for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, rinsing and moisturising of all types of contact lenses

BioTwin’s efficacy is achieved by a complex combination of a unique biological cleaning agent, an innovative lubricant and a natural moisturiser. It is an excellent choice for contact lens wearers who want to enjoy their lenses more. The gentle composition and special ingredients are especially good for people with sensitive or dry eyes.

Twin-EdaXyl & hyaluronan add comfort

Twin-EdaXyl®  is a combination of unique biological cleaning agent and lubricant. It lubricates the lenses and, in daily use removes proteins and other impurities from the lenses. Biological cleaning agent, innovation of Piiloset as well, is a part of the Twin-EdaXyl combination.

The biotechnically produced hyaluronan moisturises eyes and contact lenses. Its exceptional water-retentive capacity and viscoelastic properties result in enhanced hydration of the corneal surface. Hyaluronan aids symptoms of the Dry Eye disease, protects epithelial tissue of the cornea and expedites healing of corneal wounds 1)

Gentle biological cleaning

Present in Piiloset care products only, the unique biological cleaning agent facilitates and enhances operation of the disinfectant. The tissue compatible special agent breaks down on the eye without causing eye or skin irritation.

Allergy Label product is suitable for sensitive eyes

To offer natural care and comfort to the eyes, pH and osmolality values of BioTwin are similar to tear film.
Analyzed by specialists of the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation, BioTwin is confirmed not to contain generally irritating ingredients and has the right to use the “Allergy Label” claim. This right has been granted to Piiloset care products only. Also, BioTwin does not contain ingredients of animal origin and it is not tested on animals.


Developed and produced in an eco- friendly way, the biodegradable BioTwin does not harm any natural organisms in the water. The whole production process is carried out with respect to the nature.


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