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Apivita Men's Face and Eye cream 50ml - combats wrinkles and fatigue signs, moisturizes and protects

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Apivita Men's Face and Eye cream 50ml - combats wrinkles and fatigue signs, moisturizes and protects

Face and eye cream that combats wrinkles and fatigue signs, moisturizes and protects from premature aging, while toning and rejuvenating.

  • The combination of organic ingredients – such as cardamom, ginseng and jojoba oil – provides antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and toning attributes, while at the same time it moisturizes and leave skin soft.
  • Chickpea extract reduces the signs of fatigue on face and eyes and enhances the skin’s radiance and firmness.
  • Propolis provides antiseptic action and regulates oiliness while, in combination with organic olive extract and almond oil, it protects from premature ageing caused by free radicals and environmental pollutants (smog, cigarette smoke, heavy metals etc).
  • Birch and organic beech tree extract increase the levels of hydration, as they provide skin with instant and long lasting moisturization and also reduce the number and depth of wrinkles.
  • Ruscus acts against dark circles and eye puffiness.
  • Organic cardamom, clary sage, lemon and cedar essential oils rejuvenate the skin and boost the mood by driving stress away and enhancing concentration.
  • Water from organic cardamom infusion provides antioxidant and antiseptic attributes.
  • Non-oily formula, ideal for daily use.




Apply with circular movements on cleansed face and around the eyes day or/and night. Suitable for use after shaving.

For external use only.


The skin reflects everyday fatigue and stress, while men develop wrinkles primarily around the eyes. Do not skip the daily treatment of this sensitive area.


Men’s Care Anti-wrinkle, Anti-fatigue and Eye Cream has a rich formula and contains 96% natural ingredients

*Garden Cress extract *Parabens
*Chick Pea extract *Silicone
*Ginseng* extract *Propylene glycol
*Beech tree* extract *Alcohol
*Ruscogenin *Mineral oil
*Jojoba* oil  
*Birch sap  
*Cardamom* essential oil  
*Clary Sage* essential oil  
*Lemon* essential oil  
*Cedarwood* essential oil  
*Cardamon* infusion instead of water  

*certified organic cultivations


Natural Infusion Base

APIVITA replaces water with natural organic infusions that give its products mainly antioxidant attributes. Given that most cosmetics’ water content exceeds 70%, APIVITA products are antioxidant-rich in their base. The effectiveness of the infusions selected in each case is proven through scientific methods. The antioxidant action of the infusions is measured through the FRAP method, while their capacity to eliminate free radicals through the DPPH method. Organic cardamom infusion, which serves as the basis of many products, has been selected for its great antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and antioxidant attributes. Over the past few years, APIVITA has been studying and using infusions from Greek medicinal herbs with well-proven and exceptional antioxidant effects, such as the organic Greek mountain tea.

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