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Flogoderm Capsicum Hyper-thermal topical analgesic cream 125ml

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Flogoderm Capsicum Hyper-thermal topical analgesic cream 125ml

Remove pain - Prepare for exercise 

Thermal cream with strong specialized composition of selected herbal extracts of natural muscle relaxants and analgesic properties intended for local and whole-body applications.

It contributes in the reinforcement of the peripheral circulation, causing intense hyperthermia in the painful parts of the body.

Active Ingredients:

CAPSICUM:  with thermogenic properties that increase blood flow.

Balancing Action: It momentarily intensifies the feeling of heat at the site of pain, while it gradually provides long lasting relief and analgesia.

EYCALYPTUS:   anti-inflammatory in painful joints and powerful antiseptic with a cooling effect on the skin.

It assists in treating cold and flu, while by releasing excess mucus alleviates dyspnoea caused by asthma and bronchitis.

CAMPHOR:  with strong anti-virulent and muscle relaxant properties.

THYME:  natural corroborant for microcirculation.

With antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. 

OREGANO:  it helps in reducing pain by increasing the connectivity and flexibility of the muscles. With powerful antiviral and antiparasitic action, it destroys the organisms that contribute to the development of skin infections.

It offers an immediate feeling of well-being and rapidly relieves muscle discomfort in the neck, back, shoulder blade, sprains, dislocations, fractures in every part of the body, cramps and headaches due to colds, flu or from muscle tension.

Ideal for athletic warming up .

It is absorbed instantly.

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